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HELLO EGO (My Media Memoirs)
By Les Thompson Paperback NOW at AMAZON
Les Thompson’s ‘HELLO EGO’, the book that has taken readers on three continents for a walk through the world of wireless, with photos from a broadcasting career spanning 35 years.

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Review by Barbara Lynch

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A wonderful record of media times in the city of Sydney as well as other cities in Australasia recording city life as well as revealing great stories of much loved media personalities.

The  Updated paperback edition contains new information and examines  the role that radio stars and their managers and producers played in the success and failure of Australasian radio stations


Who was the real Patriarch of the 2UE Lamb Family Radio Dynasty?

The story behind the  2UE Nightwatch program achieving more than a quarter of a million listeners in one marketplace.!

Presenters, producers, journalists & support staff – how they mesh & clash in Talk Radio.

Alan Jones’ slow rise to ratings success.

The rise and fall of Kerry Packer’s 2UE – the CBC disaster seen from the inside.

Why Brian White failed as the C.E.O. and was a major success as a broadcaster.

How 2KY shocked Sydney in the Ratings Game!

What the Broadcasting Tribunal inquiry into Ron Casey failed to ask!

2UW becoming “Tragic Eleven” – where did the magic go?

Singo’s 2GB – changing fortunes by trial and error.

How Radio Hauraki helped to bust the Asian Drug Syndicate wide open.

The freeing of an innocent N. Z. prisoner  – Arthur Alan Thomas.

Plus station intrigues and the mess made by egocentric managers.

It’s all in this paperback – AVAILABLE NOW at AMAZON.COM

The secrets of professional speakers and writers revealed!

The ‘How To’ Handbook.

Proven methods to improve your personal speech or business communication ……your blog articles……your website videos…..your own voice…..your podcasts…..your relationship with the media


Australian & International award-winning broadcast journalist Les Thompson has produced a handbook for speakers, writers and programmers seeking success in mainstream & social media


Sold only at Amazon 



In his book, Les gives some invaluable advice as to how to improve one’s communication skills. Although the book is mainly aimed at people who want to try their luck in broadcasting and media, it proves virtually universal. Being an EFL teacher, I generally read methodology and linguistic books, but Les’s volume shows that one can also find useful answers outside the field. Les has convinced me how important it is to make people listen to what one needs to say (e.g. that certain ways of communicating are better than others, and that lazy speech will not be tolerated, while a foreign accent will). Les argues that good speech habits are easy to learn and apply – this is good news for everybody who was not born a great speaker/writer. Finally, the motto: “People who do what they enjoy are the most successful in the long term” will certainly appeal to everyone who likes doing things passionately and enthusiastically.

Hana Tichá, EFL teacher, Šternberk, Czech Republic

This is a paperback that can make a difference!  

 NOBODY BELIEVED ME  – A true story! Click here

Sold only at Amazon


Details of Les’ ADULTS ONLY Book:

Aussie Jack  click here

A bush sex guru!

A Tale of Love & Lust Down Under


Jack’s descriptions are explicit.

Sold only at Amazon


The PetCare Men – Two men who changed an industry

A booklet that reveals how they did it!


Sold only at Amazon


THE CYBER SINGERS – A mystery novel.

Vivacious young Cowra woman, Sally Walker goes missing after attending a karaoke party in the U.S.

Detectives from Australia and the U.S. set out to find why she suddenly vanished.


Sold only at Amazon

Note: To find these books, enter the title and author name into the SEARCH area of each site. The German site will have them listed under ‘foreign language books’. Amazon delivery costs vary according to location and your Amazon account status.

Due for release later in 2019—the first of my in-depth travel impressions series based on my years escorting Australians on Classical Music Tours through Europe.





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