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PRAGUE HOTELS: It’s all about what you are prepared to spend, as the Czech Capital hotels now have prices to equal that of other major European cities.

However, for a very pleasant boutique hotel experience right on Wenceslas Square, the main tourist boulevard with direct access to the Old Market Square, you’ll find that the 4-star Hotel Adria is ideal. Competitive prices for such a central location and professional service under the direction of the Manager, Roman Talman. Phone: +420.221 081 291. E-mail: rdm@adria.cz.
Hotel Adria
If you are arriving by taxi the access is easy; if by car you will need to factor in parking costs at a nearby site, as the area is restricted for entry & for parking. Check with the hotel first.
Website: http://www.adria.cz/en/

If you want to escape the busy tourist paths, there is a family-run, small 4-star boutique hotel – Hotel 16 – which has great charm & very competitive prices plus friendly, professional service under the direction of its manager, Michael +420 224 920 636 Email: info@hotel16.czHotel 16
Access to the tourist areas is easily reached by tram or by the metro. system – it’s a 10 minute walk to the Karlovo náměstí (Charles Square) metro. station and then a 2 station-train ride to the Můstek station next to Wenceslas Square.
Alternatively, I walked to Wenceslas Square from Hotel 16 within just 15 minutes.
If you are arriving by taxi the access is easy; if by car, check with the hotel regarding parking.
Website: http://www.hotel16.cz/


Here’s a highly entertaining website for all ages:

JULZ  Drop in on JULIE VALENTINE Born to be a storyteller – she will brighten your day!




If you would like to practice Karaoke singing we recommend starting with the Blue membership (free) at SINGSNAP!


Jay Beacham small

If you are interested in learning about SINGING…



we think you’ll enjoy  Jay Beacham’s site http://singingasong.net/   Lots of topics…lots of fun.


The Meat Alternative…

If you’re  after a strong antioxidant in your diet, try Country Fresh Mushrooms http://countryfreshmushrooms.vpweb.com.au/default.html

and  most mushrooms are good sources of B vitamins, selenium, iron, and other minerals.


If you are interested in learning more about the re-emerging hairdressing fashion – the Pomade – please visit Europe’s POMADE SHOP (information is available in several languages) by clicking here


Checking out options for holiday or business accommodation is very important to any wanderer.

That’s why I do all my online  bookings for hotel/apartment accommodation through Booking.com

Web address: http://www.booking.com

My experience with other booking sites has been to view an overwhelming number of reviews from travellers that simply whine about their chosen hotels. This site also displays  unfavourable reviews but it seems to have a better balance of considered comments rather than just unhappy people nit-picking. The overall ratings for each property therefore provide a more realistic summary of the pros and cons than many other sites.

The ability to cancel reservations (within a specified time period) is also useful insurance against unexpected changes to your holiday plan.

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