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LUCIANO DROBNAK – A Lifetime in Music!

Music, especially light Classical-style music, evokes many magical impressions and vivid images in our minds as we enjoy the art of musical expression. LUCIANO DROBNAK is an an Italian-born, Australian who has spent a lifetime in music.

As ayoung lou Austria teenager leaving his beloved Trieste when his parents decided to migrate, he played various instruments through Europe before settling down to a full-time musical career in Australia.




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Lou still performs occasionally in Sydney, but in recent years he has concentrated more on composing his own works.

His latest series of compositions are modern piano sonatas, written in the Classical style.

Travel journalist, Les Thompson, has added his own video scenes of various countries to this series to help listeners imagine places that these individual sonata pieces evoke.
SONATA # 12 Video Notes: This is the final video in the Sonata Series…and the music evokes images of the cycle of life for a musician who has dedicated himself to a lifetime in music. This final video depicts Lou’s musical career….From boy to man..from the young adult to the senior years…the flow of a musical stream through study, the fraternity of musicians, the rehearsals, the performances, the venues, the celebrities, television, nightclubs, joyful times, tough times and the sense of giving joy to so many people through music…..the music that keeps on playing!

SONATA # 11 Video Notes: The music evokes images of the Great Southland ‘down under’ – AUSTRALIA. The music seems to match the changing landscape and the varied pace of this vast island continent and its people. From the tranquil scenic wonders of Tasmania to the carpets of vibrant wild flowers in Western Australia; from the mysterious monolith in its Red Centre to the white sandy beaches of Queensland; from the rugged rocky outcrops and enchanting blue haze (from the eucalyptus trees) in the Blue Mountains, the wildlife of Northwestern NSW and the captivating beach & boating lifestyle on the north coast to the exciting multicultural atmosphere of the country’s most populous city, Sydney…the music and video images transport us through several of the many marvels to be found in this timeless land.


SONATA # 10 Video Notes: The music evokes images of the exciting and potentially dangerous wildlife of South Africa. From the edge of the Kruger National Park with its many opportunities for spotting Lions.Leopards, Buffalo, Elephants and Giraffes to the Cape of Good Hope where baboons amuse tourists by leaping on their cars and the inland delights of the Oudtshoorn with Ostriches and baby Cheetahs, this musical journey takes you through several of the natural wonders and wildlife farms of South Africa.


SONATA # 9 Video Notes: The music evokes images of an exotic resort destination, such as Cabo in Mexico. It matches the impressions of intense sunsets, the graceful ballet performance of whales, the humorous sideshow of playful dolphins, rugged rocks rising majestically from the sea and the water sports and recreational pursuits of its locals and visitors.


SONATA # 8 Video Notes: The music evokes images from the life of piano master, Frederic Chopin. The places where he lived and worked in his native Poland, his adopted country, France, and his brief winter sojourn with his novelist lover on the island of Majorca. The music seems to remind us of his genius and his torments.

SONATA # 7 Video Notes: The music evokes images of the pulsating energy of a Big City…such as the unstoppable spirit of the people and places in the Big Apple, New York!


SONATA # 6 Video Notes: The music evokes images of a destination rich in history…such as Ravenna, an Italian inland city, connected by canal to the Adriatic, where there is history everywhere, including 8 UNESCO World Heritage sites.

SONATA # 5 Video Notes: The music evokes images of an exotic destination…such as the swirling images of the fascinating people and places of Tunisia in North Africa.


SONATA # 4 Video Notes: The music evokes memories of a journey of discovery inside a timeless city…VENICE. By day and by evening it’s an unforgettable experience.

SONATA # 3 Video Notes: The music evokes images of a mighty river and its persistent flow as it passes through both calm and wilder sections. These scenes of a punting journey on wooden rafts through the Pieniny Mountains, in a gorge that forms a natural border between Poland and Slovakia, is where the visitor admires the expertise of both Slovak and Polish raftsmen as they navigate the changing force of the river and witness the majestic limestone outcrops hovering above them.
SONATA #2 Video Notes: The music evokes in me ROMANCE! It brings back vivid memories of Romania with its romantic castles, majestic mountains, green forests and historic towns.

SONATA #1 Video Notes: The music seems to convey a free spirit and could easily evoke thoughts of a wandering nymph dancing invisibly in flight across a landscape of pastoral, woodland and village scenes in Bohemia and Moravia in the Czech Republic.

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