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Sally Walker is a vivacious, young Australian woman from the small country town of Cowra. After a futile attempt to find love and romance at home, she becomes obsessed with a singing website on the internet. Her friends advise against it, but Sally is determined to pursue her dreams by travelling to California. Then she disappears. Has she vanished forever? Detectives from Australia and Santa Clara try to trace who was the last person to see her when she attended a party with a group of cyber singers. There are many suspects but who would harm her and why? A story for our times


AUSSIE JACK – A Tale of Love & Lust Down Under

Excerpt from “Aussie Jack” – courtesy of Amazon.

Jack talks about his religious instruction in High School:

“remember being told that it all began with ‘original sin’ and that the history of sex really began with Eve tempting Adam to take a bite in the Garden of Eden! Poor Eve, she really took the rap for showing Adam her apples! By this act; all we were told was that God was not happy about her ‘temptation’ of young Adam.

Well, I’m sorry, but that sounds very lopsided to me. Before we conveniently blame Eve for the downfall of man, what about Adam? He must have had a design flaw of his own if he could so easily give up all the joys of Eden and choose an apple instead!

Struth mate, I don’t mind a bush yarn or two but the Garden of Eden story just didn’t wash at all with me. Tall yarns are always tall yarns, even when told as an allegory. Yet, down through time a woman still tends to get the blame for seducing a man. What a load of codswallop! The truth is that a woman would have no chance of shagging any bloke if there was no testosterone chip embedded in every man’s hard disk!

For a sample of the main character, here is a simulated audio ‘excerpt’ of Aussie Jack addressing a sex seminar in Broken Hill.

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Following the global reading of his original ‘sex survival guide’ as an eBook, now Jack’s whole story can be told. Based on my original conversation with a real-life ‘outback’ truck driver, the Aussie Jack story evolves into ADULT FICTION.

This novel is a hybrid of his original ‘sex survival’ guide, instructing blokes on how to treat sheilas better, based on his own sex research as a young man with a ‘curious’ mind, and the draft screenplay that I wrote about his humorous exploits.
Jack uses Aussie sex terms throughout the book, so I add the caution that EXPLICIT descriptions are included in his telling of this story.


From Fiction to Non-Fiction:







 This book has shocked America and many other countries where people don’t believe it can happen to their children!

It tells the truth about CHATTAHOOCHEE  – The Hospital From Hell!


for a book that is amazing readers with its story of survival


How could a mother treat her own child so badly and allow her to be subjected to experimental shock treatments which led to her having to adopt a split personality to survive?!

NOBODY BELIEVED ME by Paulette Conti/Les Thompson


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Amazon Verified Purchaser Review:  NOBODY BELIEVED ME (Kindle Edition)

Excellent book  Very interesting. It really shows the abuse some parents have toward their children. It might help the children to get help and finally have some peace put back into their life again. Although it’s a  sad story it does have a happy ending.
Thank you, Paulette for your sad but wonderful story and hope that your hellish nightmare is finally over.
God Bless and keep you safe.

Darwin Tebedo

5.0 out of 5 stars September 26, 2013
By rustle
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
Always good information for the abused to know, especially for the teens involved. Emotions have a lot to do with
feelings and staying sane.
5.0 out of 5 stars September 25, 2013
By Jim M.
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
Excellent and very well written book. I recommend it to all, especially those that have gone through this terrible experience in their lives. I truly hope that Paulette and ALLl of you find “Peace” in your Hearts and Souls. Many Blessings. NOBODY BELIEVED ME


This is a true story. In 1959, a 12-year-old girl living in Florida was raped by her stepfather and immediately collapsed into profound shock. Her mother witnessed the crime but didn’t have any health insurance to help her daughter receive proper medical care. Instead, she decided to place her daughter in one of the most notorious U.S. mental institutions of the time at Chattahoochee.

Yet, this girl survived to tell everyone the truth about Chattahoochee Hospital. But until many years after reforms had been introduced, nobody believed her! As investigations revealed the extent of the mistreatment of patients, the girl then growing into adulthood, found that she couldn’t lead a normal life. Nightmares and flashbacks haunted her for decades.

50 years on, Paulette Conti, has revealed her whole story to award-winning, Australian journalist and author, Les Thompson. As well as documenting her eyewitness account of what really occurred inside Chattahoochee, this story also paints a poignant picture of a girl yearning for her mother to rescue her and then finally meeting the dashing Italian-American man whose lively spirit and deep compassion would lead her to having her own family, a nursing career and the determination to help others.



This is a book that can make a difference


The secrets of professional speakers and writers revealed!

Proven methods to improve your personal speech or business communication ……your blog articles……your website videos…..your own voice…..your podcasts…..your relationship with the media


Australian & International award-winning broadcast journalist Les Thompson has produced a handbook for speakers, writers and programmers seeking success in mainstream & social media


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In his book, Les gives some invaluable advice as to how to improve one’s communication skills. Although the book is mainly aimed at people who want to try their luck in broadcasting and media, it proves virtually universal. Being an EFL teacher, I generally read methodology and linguistic books, but Les’s volume shows that one can also find useful answers outside the field. Les has convinced me how important it is to make people listen to what one needs to say (e.g. that certain ways of communicating are better than others, and that lazy speech will not be tolerated, while a foreign accent will). Les argues that good speech habits are easy to learn and apply – this is good news for everybody who was not born a great speaker/writer. Finally, the motto: “People who do what they enjoy are the most successful in the long term” will certainly appeal to everyone who likes doing things passionately and enthusiastically.

Hana Tichá, EFL teacher, Šternberk, Czech Republic

Other Books by Les Thompson: 

HomeFund – the history of NSW home lending – commissioned (1990) by the Co-operative Housing Societies Association of NSW.  This book detailed the history of Government-assisted lending and the 1980s changes made by the Federal Government to Australian financial policy. It predicted problems for Government-backed home loans should interest rates spiral upwards – as they did, leading to a collapse of the NSW Government devised scheme to assist middle income earners – a program that  had been supported by both the Labor & Conservative Governments. The book gained media attention and was used in the early 90s by both sides of parliament for a full day hearing on the subject. The ‘toxic loans’ involved were a pointer to the large-scale U.S. mortgage market collapse to follow in the next decade.

The book is out of print. Inquiries to  Co-operative Housing Societies Association of NSW  Email: chshome@tpg.com.au

Another great book series:
Jessica Rosman reveals a fun way to get kids eating healthy food:



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