Who is Les Thompson?

In brief, I’m an Australian journalist and author .

The full story is told in my book about broadcasting, Hello Ego!. My career in radio, television & print spanned the years between 1965 and 2000.

HELLO EGO! by Les Thompson

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BOOK Cover 2013 EGO

What the Sydney Morning Herald  said about the first edition of this book:


Buyer’s REVIEW Amazon Verified Purchase

By Barbara Lynch on April 1, 2014  

A wonderful record of media times in the city of Sydney as well as other cities in Australasia recording city life as well as revealing great stories of much loved media personalities.

More information on the 2016 UPDATED paperback edition is now available from AMAZON.COM 




This book delves deeply into the world of broadcasting and the many egos that fuel its engine room. Les Thompson tells of his personal journey through radio and television in Australia & New Zealand with no-holds-barred impressions of the media. The author, who handled journalistic investigations and who for 5 years hosted Sydney’s highest-rating, ‘reality radio’ program called Night Watch, chronicles the societal changes that he witnessed, as well as their effects on his own family, as he carved out a successful career in broadcasting and journalism. He describes the people with whom he worked, including megastars, managers and the people behind the broadcasters. This is a roller coaster ride through a ratings-driven industry; a career that can breed personal wealth, along with grave insecurity, satisfying accomplishments, and inflated egos for performers and managers alike. This is the updated and expanded version which includes photos and fresh appraisals of his 35 years in mainstream media.


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